16th January 2020

The sandwiched: finding time to thrive

One consequence of an ageing population and delayed parenthood is the growing number of people who are left sacrificing their own time, wellbeing and finances in order to care for those around them. And it’s very easy for this group to simply focus on surviving rather than thriving. The ‘sandwich generation’ This term was first […]

Stay protected in 2020

Don’t overlook the importance of having the right plans in place to protect yourself, your family, your valuables and your home, in case an unexpected event should happen. Insurance cover isn’t just about a payout when you die. It can also give you peace of mind in knowing that you would be able to cope […]

15th January 2020

Financial resolutions for a prosperous New Year

The New Year period is a common time for people to take stock of their finances and make resolutions designed to boost their financial wellbeing. And a new study has found the likelihood of success in this area is heavily linked to receiving professional advice and the establishment of clear financial objectives. Advice is key […]

9th January 2020

Tone up your finances in 2020

As we face the year ahead with great anticipation, thoughts of resolutions, often centred around lifestyle improvements and healthy living, usually feature high on our to-do lists. It’s all too easy to overlook the resolution to take stock and refocus on your finances. A new year is the perfect opportunity to do this. Whilst a […]

Property market resilience? What does 2020 hold?

Heightened economic and political uncertainty has cast a shadow over the property market in recent times. Although activity has been subdued in certain areas, as buyers and vendors hesitate, forward looking metrics indicate that market sentiment over the next 12 months show signs of resilience1. Prices are expected to rise at a national level over […]

2nd January 2020

Property Market Review – December 2019

TAKE-UP OF WAREHOUSE SPACE SURGES TOWARDS END OF 2019 According to Savills, a wide range of occupiers are causing a surge in demand for industrial warehouse space (units of 100,000 sq. ft. plus), with take-up due to hit a total of 33 million sq. ft. by the end of this year. In particular, take-up by […]

17th December 2019

The Bank of Mum and Dad

The Bank of Mum and Dad The Bank of Mum and Dad is still playing an important role in the UK housing market, with young and even some middle-aged adults continuing to receive financial support from their parents for their first and subsequent property purchases. Their assistance, however, has helped fund nearly 20% fewer purchases […]

9th December 2019

Save to Succeed

Data5 has revealed that 20% of 16-21-year olds believe they will “need savings to succeed in life”, but 17% say they currently don’t save anything. Of those who save regularly, six out of ten put their cash with a bank, while 22% save money at home. One fifth of respondents were unable to identify what ‘ISA’ […]

Poor financial wellbeing impacting employees

Do you spend much time fretting about money? If your finances cause you sleepless nights, you’re certainly not alone. With mental health and wellbeing increasingly under the spotlight, financial worries are a big contributor, including for those in steady employment. A Financial Wellbeing Index4, assessing the financial wellbeing of UK employees, reveals a large number […]

4th December 2019

Drawdown retirees unaware of income flexibility

A YouGov survey commissioned by Zurich3 has revealed that most retirees in drawdown are unaware they can vary their level of income. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the research also found those not receiving financial advice were more likely to be in the dark. Importance of advice The study suggests over half of individuals who have unlocked their […]